Events, Portraits,
Product and Fashion Photographer

I am Siddharth Krishnamachari, a Chennai based freelance photographer shooting events, portraits, product, model and fashion portfolios.
An Automotive engineer by profession, I took up to photography as a casual hobby in the year 2010. Addiction to my DSLR and exploring its capabilities took my interest in photography to another level. I was fascinated to shoot water droplets and smoke to begin with. I soon started shooting at my friends weddings, capturing all the fun about and around them on their very first day as a couple. It was very exciting to see their feedback for the images I captured. It is at that point that I started looking into photography as a serious career. Three years after working for an automotive giant in India, I decided I will quit my 9-5 job to pursue photography as a career. In order to satisfy my ever growing curiosity and to have a professional approach in photography, I took up a full time diploma course in photography. The course taught me all the nuances of photography and photographic equipments including studio lights and made me a professional and not just a guy with an expensive camera.Holding a degree is a much needed edge over the competitors in the field and it reflects in my outputs.
Whether you want your event's natural essence to be captured, your product well represented, if you are a model/designer looking for portfolio, professionals looking for portraits, parents looking for baby portraits or anyone with any photographic needs,
Reach out to me at: